MarOpto TWI 60 Tilted Wave Interferometer
Tilted Wave Interferometer for Fast and Flexible Measurement and Analysis of Aspheric Lenses
The Tilted Wave Interferometer (MarOpto TWI 60) constitutes a novel, promising and highly flexible interferometer to measure aspheres quickly and with high precision.
The figure above shows the measured surface error of the A5 demonstrator asphere (clear aperture 50 mm, best-fit radius 40.8 mm, best-fit deviation 600 μm, gradient deviation 8°).
The lateral resolution of about 30 μm can be achieved. Within a data acquisition time of approx. 30 seconds an entire asphere surface can be measured with high lateral resolution and low measurement uncertainty. Most importantly, no CGH or stitching is necessary.
  • Flexible interferometric measurement of aspheric lenses without CGH
  • Measurement without any need for lateral or axial stitching
  • Short data acquisition time approx. 30 s
  • Test beam diameter 100 mm
  • Allowed aspheric departure from best-fit sphere up to approx. 1.5 mm